Titanya's Video Clips

Titanya Dances at Rakkasah: March, 2010

Performed with band, Light Rain in Richmond, California
... Rakkasah West Belly Dance Festival

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Titanya Dances as Aphrodite in her Goddess Dances Show

Titanya... Award-Winning performance as a Wood Nymph

Watch Titanya in Rock, Roll & Bellydance Show

Titanya... Dance of the Seven Veils from her Trancendance of Inanna production

Emotional performance by Titanya shortly after her Dad passed away


Titanya Dances: 
Theme: 1940 ...Havanna, Cuba Nightclub
Performed in San Diego, 2008

Titanya Monique Dahlin

Titanya performing in San Diego, 2008

Titanya Dances: Spanish Arabic Fan Fusion
Performed in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2007

This dance depicts the great explosion of music and dance that occured when the Moors came to settle in Spain.


Titanya Dances to Here II Here,
for the 1st Graduation Party of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program (EEMCP)

Titanya Dances: 
Theme: Mermaid, Siren's Song of the Deep
Performed in San Diego, 2009

Titanya Dances at Kismet Dance Festival

This dance was performed in 2007 in Utah. 
You will love Titanya's amazing hand work! 



Titanya Dances: Live Music of Djinn
Performed in New York, New York in 2007

Belly Dancing at Omega Institute in New York
Instructors Titanya and Sister, Dondi: Their Students Perform, 2009
Beginning bellydancers perform in a candle dance after just one afternoon of instruction at Omega Institute by instructors Titanya and sister, Dondi.

Titanya & Sister Dondi: Omega Institute Workshops

Dondi and Titanya teach life-transforming belly dance at Omega Institute, New York.  More info here.  Music used with permission: "Ya Mustafa" from Middle Earth CD (blue cover), Middle Earth Ensemble