Lucia was the Queen of My House and now she is an Angel in my Life.


Lucia, is the Queen of Cats!!

She rules my life and my house. 

She gets too, because she is the love of my life!


Lucia has had many lives, and I believe she has many more to go!  She is definitely a Healing Cat!

She was found on Christmas Eve in Newport, Oregon, by our aunt Sharon. Sharon wandered the streets of Newport, worrying that she didn't have a present for her own Mom, whom she was living with at the time.  Sharon heard a mew and went in search of where the sound was coming from.  Underneath the stairs, was a tiny kitten, a siamese, at that!  (We have since learned that Lucia was a Tokinese)  Grandma loved Siamese cats (which look almost identical to a tokinese) and through her lifetime with grandpa, they had many.  Sharon asked the kitten if she would like to be her Mom's present. That kitten came out from under the stairs and jumped in Sharon's van. At that moment, "Santa Lucia" was playing on some outdoor event.  "Lucia" was given her name, which means "Light". She has been a light in my life and for many. She saved my life in 2009, when I was needing to go to the hospital. She never left my bed, until my mother figured out that Lucia wasn't coming to eat her food.  Food to any pet is like gold, and Lucia's way of telling my Mother that something was wrong, got through to her, finally. Off I went to the hospital.

Lucia looking at the snow outside

So she lived with Grandma Edens for a while, until Grandma died.  Lucia was there while she was on oxygen and through her troubled times.  Dondi came to claim her and she had a great time at Pacific Beach in San Diego, although she coudn't go outside.  She was loved.

Then there was Poway!  Poway was an adventure for the “little girl”, as Dad called her.  Dad’s house was huge, on top of a mountain.  She loved Dad and slept on his chest. I believe she took care of him, like a little nurse, intuitively making sure he didn’t get too sick.  Lucia loved finding and toying with mice in the house, until she’d rip their little heads off and give them to Dad as a present.  Every time Tanya (Titanya) came to Poway, she’d take her outside.  The environment was full of snakes and lizards, birds and bugs!  Lucia had a blast!.  The year of 2004 came and Dad left us.  Lucia had a hard time of it, as we all did too.

Lucia lived with me, Tanya, up in Big Bear, California for 7 years.  She was my little girl. She especially liked lavender and daisies and my big backyard where she could chase squirrels and rodents.  She chose her death day, like she chose her day to be found.
She died on Christmas Eve, 17 years old.  1994- 2011.. Many times we all have felt her in the Big Bear house.  May you play and eat all you want and never get fat and always have a sunny day Lucia!

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