Titanya dances, teaches workshops and entertains all over the world.
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The Dancing Tree

This incredible photo of a tree was taken by Carol Lynn Fraser of Edmonton, AB, Canada.  Carol is a Creative Artist and school teacher: combining photography (subject matter primarily natural, but also electronic), paint (fabric, water color and acrylic), draw in pencil, sew, screen print and make rock jewelry. She also studies ‘Sacred Geometry’ as did Leonardo DaVinci. Carol does most of her work in her studio located on her family farm in a house built by her great grandfather in 1905. The ‘Dancing Tree’ has been pirated continuously on the internet and has been given a variety of titles such as Ballerina Tree, Woman’s tree etc. People have written poetry about it, painted it, used it for advertising, called it fake; some insisting Carol used photoshop to doctor it. Carol assures that she did not use anything to change the picture from its original form. She said the photo was taken at night using a flash and this is how it turned out. Carol is a naturalist (born and raised) and believes strongly in the Creative process, Nature, and the Interconnectedness of all things. “She hopes everyone enjoys this gift from her and nature. Carol does not claim to be an Artist in the popular sense of the word. She prefers to create in the privacy of her own home, for the pure pleasure of it. She does not aspire to fame nor fortune. She only asks that if you use her photo that she be given full credit for her work. Carol Lynn Fraser, B.Ed

Jeff's Company.... America's Best Beef and Bacon Jerky!

My Dance & Theater
Stage Production


Titanya and Dondi
Belly Dance Sisters

Dondi and Titanya

My Famous Mom
Donna Eden
& Husband, Collaborator,
David Feinstein


My Sister,

My sister, Dondi

Titanya dancing with her Dad

In Loving Memory
My Dad, Ray Dahlin
December 1930 - July, 2004

Ray Dahlin

"Cat-Angel in my Life"
 Dec 24, 1994-Dec 24,2011


Titanya's popular Energy Dance DVD

Finger Cymbals, Decorative Coins, Scimitars,
Music and Belly Dance Videos
Titanya's Favorite Vendor & Good Friend


Titanya with Harry and Betty Sorayan

John Bilezikjian
World Renownded Oudist & Composer


Luisa and Titanya surprise John with a kiss!

Titanya, photo by Cythia Holling Morris

Cynthia Holling Morris
 An amazing photographer with a beautiful array of posters for sale of belly dancers and more!

Cynthia'a Website

Photo by Cynthia

Titanya with Innervoice in Florida

Here II Here
Revealing Awareness through Music
...Some Powerful Voices and Beautiful Souls

See Titanya dance with them on Video Clips page.


The Goddess Studio
A Sacred Space for Ritual and Celebration
...Amalya offers Belly dance classes here


The Art of Middle Eastern Dance by Shira
A site to educate, inspire, and entertain belly dancers!
Extensive amount of information and links.


Titanya dancing with the Drum Brothers

Drum Brothers
An awesome drum and rhythm band out of Missoula, Montana
Some great guys and fun to dance to!


Musical Missions with Cameron and Kristina
Building a Bridge of Understanding Between America and the Arab World


Cameron and Kristina in Cairo



Natalie (Fox) Maisel
A delightful and inspring Woman /Yogini.
Ritual Visualizations on C.D.


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San Diego Belly Dancer and Friend


Brothers of the Baladi
The First live band that Titanya ever danced to
at the Oregon Country Faire (1989) A Great group of guys!


A cultural artist of the ancient art of Middle Eastern Bellydance.
Ayshah performs Egyptian, Turkish, and American styles of Bellydance. 
Veil dances are Ayshah's specialty. 

Belly dancers, belly dance in the news,
belly dance articles and more. 

Dancewear and Dance Apparel
Fabric for dance apparel including nylon/Lycra stretch knits, metallics, velvet, fake fur, and silk. Also sewing notions and trims. And all at discounted prices

Herbal Medicine & Spirit Healing
the Wise Woman Way




Photos Courtesy of:
Cynthia Holling-Morris, Ralph Derderian,

Cathy Yavorsky, Ray Clarke, and many more.

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