Dance Retreat Workshop ...Feathered Pipe

Annual Belly Dance Retreat Workshop
with Titanya & Dondi

Last Annual Workshop Here
was in 2007

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Empower your Inner Goddess through the Ancient Five Elements and Belly Dance!

Omega Belly Dance Retreat Workshop

Dondi and Titanya


Feathered Pipe Ranch

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Feathered Pipe Ranch
Helena, Montana, USA

Phone: (406) 442-8196

Located in the heart of the Montana Rockies, the ranch is one of the country's premier retreat centers. Surrounded by miles of forested mountains, the ranch is blessed with a sparkling lake, pristine water, clean air, abundant wildlife and healing plants that abound in this mountain paradise.

If you can talk, you can sing.
If you can walk, you can dance. 
~Zimbabwe saying

Come and Renew Yourself, away from the chaos of your daily lives and find yourself again as we dance, laugh and share with other beautiful like-minded women!

For ancient Chinese sages, it has been known for thousands of years that all energy moves in one of the five universal rhythms. In this workshop, through movement and dance within these elements, we will sort out which of these rhythms dominates our lives.
We will discover the fundamental steps to express ourselves freely and dance to our own unique soul story. The exploration of our own rhythms withint he Five Elements will touch upon the strength of Earth, the aliveness of Fire,the fluidity of Water, the Solidarity of Wood and the Clarity of Metal. This journey will be filled with self-discovery that will even touch upon our relationships with others.

No Experience Necessary!  But of course, we will challenge and stimulate the Imtermediate Dancers.


The Workshop May Include

  • Strengthen your Self Esteem and Body Relationship
  • Learn the Basics of the Ancient Art of Belly Dance and Polynesian Dance
  • Includes Turkish, Egyptian, Tribal Improvisation, Gypsy, Drum Solos, Veil Dance, Floor work, Hula Hands, Tahititan Hipwork and so much more
  • Envision your goals and awaken your senses using guided visualization and dance ritual
  • And of course, the wonderful Five Elements which will expand your dance career and relationships with others!
  • Many Wonderful Surprises abound!


"I wanted to express what a wonderful time I had again in you and Dondi's workshop. The drum circle was a lot of fun! I'm glad we got to do that!

I am so happy to have found you both! Titanya, I love hearing your stories- you both are so bright and vibrant and it's a pleasure learning from and sharing with you!'     


Thank you!!!   Victoria

Dondi and Titanya Dahlin have been studying The ancient Five elements for the last 10 years with their mother, Donna Eden (author of Energy Medicine and International Healer). 
They have found a unique niche, as they  blend the Middle Eastern dance and movement with the studies of the Chinese Five Elements.
  • Are you drawn to the veil dance or to drum solos more? 
  • Are you more of a leader or teacher in your community or do you like being a student, taking the back seat?
  • Is your partner quiet and introverted or loud and social...does it conflict with your relationship at times? 
  • These are all questions that we consider and dance towards in our week of exploration. 
  • Not only will you get a full rounded experience of the middle eastern dance, it's history and technique, you will also come away with knowing and learning a little bit about your world, your path in life and people who are in it. 
  • Intriqued?