Professional Fantasy Art by Titanya

Painting by Titanya for Women of Wisdom Event, 2008

Cover, local paper, artwork by Titanya

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Henna Art by Titanya

The Tarot Card of Strength ~ Alice and the Jaberwocky.


The Tarot Card of The Hermit ~ The Caterpillar

Art by Titanya

This was a series of murals I did for a smoothie bar
in Colorado called ,Treats. 
The bear was shown having fun in outdoor adventures. 

Treats in Boulder

This is the logo for Treats, that I created.  Cute! Huh?!

Titanya's Mural Art at Treats in Boulder

"Meditation Bear" is above.  It was in Boulder, after all!  Yes, I actually worked there as a waitress.  I loved being a waitress!

Treats in Boulder

Woohoooooo!!!!! "Here comes Skiing Bear!"

This mural was for a dance studio.  I had many other paintings going across the walls, with the rainbow as the continuous connection between the many dance styles offered at the studio. It was located in Boulder, Colorado.


One of my dancing picture series.  This one I ended up giving away for Christmas.  Ha! Be my friend and you get good gifts!

Chakra Woman

"Chakra Woman". This is in a series of my
Energy Medicine charts, which are all for sale.



This next section is my three-dimensional art.  Below, is a doll called, "Healing Hands".  He's a wise old soul.

Two Marionettes meet in an English Garden. 
 Mintao (the man) is Oriental and a traveler, like Shadowe.

One of my silk paintings of a dancer and a turkish oud player,
made into a pillow.

I make masks too!  This was a sculpture of the Maid, Mother and Crone.  This mask is the Crone.  They were attached onto a piece of driftwood and now is hanging in my Mother's mexican home. 

This is a Marionette named Shadowe.  She is half native American and half Celtic.  At the time, I was going to school in England and trying to find my roots and where I belonged. 

I was comissioned to do a fairytale castle in a little girl's bedroom.


The next pictures are a series of pen and ink drawings
 for children's illustrations.

"The Camel who wanted to be a Bellydancer"~ A story that I wrote and  that I tell whenever the spirit moves me. It is a crowd pleaser!