Unique Energy Medicine Experience!

Titanya with Dolphin friend



My First Energy Session was with a Dolphin!


       by Titanya Monique Dahlin


As many of you know, I don’t treat people in Energy Medicine as a profession, although I know how to energy track and intuitively feel where I am supposed to go.  This comes easy for me.  I am Donna Eden’s daughter after all and have the healing genes in my blood.  I believe I heal through my own art of dancing, storytelling and teaching, and as a Social Artist I will stay.  As I always thought, entertainment is one of the greatest forms of healing and can move us out of and through emotions and stress very quickly.


I never realized that I would be energy working with anyone beyond my own family and friends, but when the opportunity for Kim Wedman and I to work with a sick dolphin in my mother’s absence came up, I couldn’t pass it up.


We had just ended our weeklong workshop/retreat on Isla Mujeres, the Island of Women, which is full of magic, beauty and amazing synchronicities.  By far, this is the best workshop to go to during the year.  We had an incredible beginning energy medicine class with very enthusiastic beginners ranging in variety between doctors, surgeons, horse trainers, to compassionate mothers and sons.  We even got into pain chasing early on.  As many know, Mom doesn’t get into this subject until the second or third class.  Whoo-hoo… lucky class!


After class was over, Mom was asked to go and work with a sick dolphin on the island.  Some of you may not know that it was while working at Sea World (San Diego, California) in the early 60’s, when my Mom first realized she had an intuitive healing gift while working with dolphins and whales there. 


Kim and I were staying on the island a bit longer to hang out and relax, so when Mom couldn’t stay on, we went in her place.  All Kim wanted for her 50th birthday was to swim with the dolphins.  So, she too fulfilled her lifetime dream and more.  What a birthday gift!


A few days prior, we consulted Mom on how to treat a dolphin and transfer energy medicine to him.  It obviously didn’t have a human type body, so we’d have to intuit the energy pathways a little differently.  She basically told us to do everything you would think of for a human to the dolphin.  So we set out, not really knowing what to expect.  Feeling excited and a little nervous, wondering if we’d know what to do.  We were briefed with this story when we got there.


Mikaiko, a Japanese dolphin, now living in Mexico was transported there from his home at an early age going to Guam to Mexico City and now Isla Mujeres.  He was trained to be an entertaining dolphin that would swim with humans at a water themed park on the island.  He had three dolphin friends that he swam and played with in a big pool.  The park never made it off the ground, and because of disputes between owners and only two months of opening, it closed for good.  The hostility and confusion of the owners and trainers caused the dolphins to be mistreated and neglected.  The tank water wasn’t changed and later they used harsh chemicals in the water for cleaning purposes.  They weren’t fed regularly or even loved for that matter. So, one by one Mikaiko’s friends began to die away until only Mikaiko was left on his own.  We were told he had developed a skin disease and had itchy skin, maybe because of the chemicals.


So with this information and a quick look at a skeletal system chart of a dolphin that they had on the office wall, we ventured forth to meet Mikaiko.  When we first saw him, our hearts sank.  Even with a story told to you like that, you can’t prepare yourself for the reality of his energy.  This dark blue, almost black dolphin melancholically swam to see who these two new beings were.  The first thing both Kim and I noticed was very deep breathing like he was gasping for air.  His blowhole seemed extremely large to me.  Kim said, “Oh… lungs.”  We both said, “Grief… letting go.”  Lungs and grief sit on metal element.  Mom later told us that lungs are related to skin problems, which all seemed to make sense with Mikaiko.  In no time, they invited us into the water for him to get to know us.


Kim embraced Mikaiko’s head in her hands and he opened his eyes to look at her.  His eyes were usually closed most of the time.  Then Kim and I began to run his meridians.  Kim taking one side and I took the other.  What a sight it must have been to see Kim and I swim down under the water to reach his tail and then coming back for air to reach his head.  He seemed to take this all in and relaxed into this new feeling.  I wonder if he picked up on what we were doing.  Imagine trying to find a dolphin’s ears for triple warmer.  It is interesting to note that his flippers actually have a whole hand skeleton inside from thumb to pinky, so we were able to distinguish meridians by that.

We continued to make figure eight patterns on his body and chakra clearing on the big starburst welts that were on his skin.  We showed the new trainers how to do this too.  We also did some surrogate testing that seemed to work better with the trainers that were closest to him and that he trusted.


We were there a good three hours or more, and by this time Mikaiko began to get aggressive and we knew it was time to stop.  Mikaiko showed this by swimming towards us very aggressively and threatening to bite.  The shock of seeing a huge dolphin coming up at your with a mouth open to bite is not a pleasant or normal experience!  Mom later reminded me that the reverse control to metal is wood, so Mikaiko’s agitation and anger coming even more to the surface of his itchy skin made sense to us.  We knew there must have been so much rage, confusion, depression and grief within him that first must be dealt with, so that his radiant energies of dolphin joy could shine.


That night we were literally drained by emotions and the work we were doing.  I don’t know how if it’s the same doing energy work with a human, but boy did that dolphin occupy our bodies, thoughts and hearts that night.


We went back to Mikaiko the next day, but he didn’t seem to having a good day.  He was very aggressive and uncooperative.  He didn’t want to play or work and the trainers were very frustrated with his progress.  Kim mentioned to them that energy moves and if we worked with him the day before, we might have stirred up something in him, whether it is emotional or toxic.  It’s all part of the process and that it may have been a good sign.  Mikaiko was also rubbing against the side of the tank to itch himself.  Mom told me later that itching usually comes when the body is full of toxins.  Because we moved energy the day before, toxins were probably coming to the surface wanting to be expelled through his skin and the body needs time to process and metabolize healing work.


We wish that we could have gone back one last time and check out our suspicion that after two or three days of moving the toxins that we’d stirred up to come out of his body, that he would show that some healing had taken place.  We wish that my Mom could’ve seen his energy and colors of his aura to support this.  Since this might happen in the future they sent photos of Mikaiko to her.


We don’t know for sure how much we accomplished in our healing help, but perhaps we touched beneath the surface and made his anger and stuffed emotions able to now move out of him, so that healing can now take place. 


About a month later we heard the good news that Mikaiko made a full recovery!

He is doing quite well and was moved to the wonderful dolphin reserve on Isla Mujeres. 
They never thought that Mikaiko would be able to be to swim with humans after his dark experience, but lo and behold, He became the friendliest dolphin in the pen.  He now plays with the other dolphins and is one of the most responsive with the staff and tourists there.


Go visit the dolphin reserve if you are ever in Isla Mujeres and see Mikaiko.


Thank you Mikaiko for allowing us the experience of touching your soul.  I know our lives have been touched as well.  We know that Mikaiko is in really good hands with two women that love him very much.  Thank you Lorenna and Alexjandra.  Mikaiko, you will remain in our hearts and prayers.