Clubs and Special Events

Professional Bellydancer: Titanya

This was in 1989, only the second year I had been dancing proffesionally.  This was at the Oregon Country Faire with the Brother's of the Baladi.  What a special time!!!

Professional Bellydancer: Titanya as Wood Nymph

My famous Wood Nymph Bellydance! 
I won first place in the Scarab (fusion) catagory in the Bellydance competition in Portland, Oregon..(2003)

Claire De Lune in San Diego, 2007

Dancing at San Diego's Claire de Lune with John Bilezikjian, Dave Dhillon and Frank Lazaro.

Titanya with Innervoice in Florida

Bellydancing with the Florida band, Innervoice.(2007)

International recording artist, John Bilizekjian.  I always love dancing to John's music!

Claire De Lune in San Diego, 2007

Haji Baba's, San Diego, California.  "Those were the Days!!! I wish it were still around."  I danced there from 1989 till it closed.
Titanya performing in Hawaii with Middle Earth

Titanya performing with Middle Earth in Hawaii

Titanya in San Diego


Titanya with Richard Steiger

Del Mar Renaissance Faire with drummer,  Richard Steiger. (200)

Claire De Lune in San Diego, 2007

Titanya with Ashley Ramsden

Me and one of my favorite teachers, Ashley Ramsden.  He taught me the art of Storytelling.  Here we were performing The 1001 Nights in England. (1991)

Titanya with Fire at Laser Show in San Diego

Fire Fan Dancing for the Ford Car company. (2003)

Titanya Laser Light Show

Titanya dancing for Innervoice in Florida