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Titanya Monique Dahlin's career has evolved significantly over the last twenty years.  Today, most of her focus is on her work in the Energy Medicine community where she has a world-wide following.  She still is on the faculty of the popular Omega Institute in New York where she has been teaching annual dance workshops for more than a decade.  Bookings of any kind must be arranged on average about 12-18 months in advance.  Contact Titanya with your opportunity here through the website.


Titanya Monique Dahlin

Titanya's Theater Company

"Remarkable stage presence...Titanya's mastery will steal your heart!"

   ~Harry Saroyan, Entertainer & Producer of Middle Eastern Productions

Titanya as an Oil Painting by Tony Bennett
Titanya as an Oil Painting by Tony Bennett



"Titanya has undoubted magnetism, eloquence and is indeed a master of poetry in motion."

       ~The Oregon Daily Tidings

Professional Bellydancer; Titanya
Photo by Ray Clarke

"Ein Leckerbissen!" ( a delicacy!)

       ~Die Sudkurier, Germany

Professional Bellydancer: Titanya

"Titanya Utilizes beauty for the sake of conveying urgent messages relevant to our times."

       ~ Eva Cernik, International Bellydancer

Titanya Monique Dahlin

Art Originals by Titanya

Fantasy Art by Titanya

Henna Art by Titanya


   ~The Story Dancer

When you first meet Titanya, you think of a lighthearted fairy or a good witch, but once you get to know her, you realize there is so much more depth lurking beneath her. She is not your ordinary belly dancer. Multi-dimensional, she dances, choreographs, performs, produces, writes, directs, makes sets and costumes, designs posters and programs for her many elaborate shows. She is called The StoryDancer, since she is a dancer with a beautiful magical storyteller voice that can transport the listener to exotic worlds free of stress and strife. At the same time, Titanya gives a needed message to a room full of people, yet you will feel as if she is speaking to you and only you and you will fall under her spell!

Professional Bellydancer: Titanya

"I've always thought, Entertainment is one of the greatest forms of healing and can move us out of and through emotions and stress very quickly,"  says Titanya.    


Titanya  uses her voice to educate people about this art form of the belly dance and also to connect them to important issues of women’s plights throughout history, which affect us all. She feels that she has a mission to speak out for those who cannot. She brings a conscious awareness, not through political reaction but through the imaginary world of the story.

Since 1993, she has been writing, choreographing and producing her own one-woman shows that have received wide acclaim and rave reviews. Always striving to bring programs that bring beauty, peace and healing to our ever-changing world, profound messages abound in her work and woman as Goddess is revered always.


Titanya's dance/drama, Scheherazade ~ The Veil behind the Blade, is Titanya's own modern day version of the 1001 Arabian Nights and how a Muslim woman finds the courage and strength to save thousands of women from their fated deaths. It is the story of a cruel king and the power of the word that a courageous woman gives him, through her healing stories. This story-drama includes seven enchanting dances with sword balancing, a myriad of elegant veils, beautiful costumes and more.

Another Dance/Drama, The Transcendance of Inanna, where Titanya captures the audience with mesmerizing drama, humor and graceful dance is complete with the dance of the seven veils, a unique mask dance and more. This powerful story, originally written on clay tablets in 2500 B.C., is Titanya's own modern day interpretation of Inanna, the Goddess of Love and War who descends to the underworld in an unforgettable journey, where meets a slew of strange and challenging characters, guaranteed to challenge your imagination. The show is complete with middle eastern dance including the famous mask dance and live Middle Eastern music.

Titanya as Miss Photogenic of Oregon

"My Dance is a Sacred Poem
in which each movement
is a word and whose every move
is underlined by music.
The Temple in which I dance can be vague
or faithfully reproduced,
for I am the Temple"   
       ~ Mata Hari

In 1999, Titanya created The Goddess Dances, an annual program with tales of the legendary Goddesses that are interpreted through movement and narration in this two-hour multicultural performance spectacle. More than 25 dancers from cultures from around the world grace the stage in a memorable performance spectacle.  This became a popular annual sold out production.

Titanya loves working in Boulder, Colorado, where she is fortunate to have world class musicians, in the band, Sherefe', who often assist her with many of the musical aspects of her shows. Also, the dance scene in Boulder is very supportive of each other, which is the way this art form is supposed to be with women. "I've been to many places in the world where the belly dance can get jaded and jealousy reigns strong." says Titanya.


If this isn't enough, in her spare time, Titanya also paints murals, is a children's entertainer, and assists her world re-known mother, Donna Eden, in most of her national and international Energy Medicine workshops with her own very popular movement form called Energy Dance.  Titanya’s Energy Dance DVD has been sold to thousands of enthusiasts all over the world.  Titanya hopes to complete the companion Energy Dance DVD in the 2007-2008 time periods and will begin working on a frequently requested program to train certified instructors in the Energy Dance phenomenon. Titanya’s other movement DVD, Energy of the Poi has also been very popular to a national and international audience.  All of her DVDs are available on her website shopping pages.

No rest for this Goddess, although she swears she's settled down.

Titanya and Dondi Dahlin

Within the last 6 years, Titanya has created workshops with her sister, Dondi, that incorporate the ancient Chinese Five Elements with belly dance. Titanya has also  been teaching Five Elements herself for more than 10 years. Gaining  popularity and demand, their unique annual retreat workshops in Montana and New York have become popular events for people fom all over the world.

Titanya as Lady of the Woods





Titanya is a featured fantasy character, The Lady of the Woods, for the popular spiritual adventure game, The Journey to Wild Divine.  She also choreographed, costumed and helped direct some of the characters.  Check it out. for a great gift idea!


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Titanya Monique Dahlin
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