Titanya and Dondi as Alice and the Mad Hatter

Titanya has been a professional stage actress since she started doing live theater at the age of six years old.

Programs Featuring Titanya
  • Most programs are 2 Hours long with a 30 minute intermission
  • Vendors are usually featured at all of our events
  • We frequently feature local musicians and dancers

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Titanya with Ashley Ramsden in 1001 Nights in England

"Remarkable stage presence
...Titanya's mastery will steal your heart!"
       -Harry Saroyan,
Entertainer & Producer of Middle Eastern Productions


Most Popular Program

Scheherazade ~The Veil Behind the Blade Website

Titanya Dahlin is the writer, director, choreographer, actor and co-producer of the Scheherazade production.  This production has been featured with live music in various formats in the United States and Canada to sold out audiences since 1993.  
In the Spirit of 1001 Arabian Nights ... A More Evolved Version
“In the fairytale of the 1001 Arabian Nights, the telling of the bloodshed and abuse towards women were down-played and adapted for young children.  I felt the underlying story was never revealed.  To me, the symbolism of the real cultural and gender imbalance in the Middle East is the core of the story that needs to be told to America.  The story’s heroine, Scheherazade is the perfect role model for women and oppressed people throughout the world and bridges a very special understanding of the authentic beauty and traditions of the Middle Eastern culture.”  -Titanya

Cast from full production of Scheherazade, Boulder

The story begins with the powerful King Shahariyar, who in his anger toward the betrayal of his wife, commands a new bride to be brought to him each evening only to execute her the following morning. This cruelty and oppression toward women continues for a period of three years until one courageous woman, Scheherazade, asks to be brought before him. She avoids her own execution by mesmerizing him with her intelligence, wit, storytelling and dance. Her determination cures him of his cruel ways and strengthens the position of women everywhere.  Their relationship grows as a powerful love story unfolds.  This is a two hour dance and theater production that is accompanied by live music and additional dancers.  This program has also been very popular as Titanya's one-woman show.

Professional Bellydancer: Titanya

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  • Based upon the Ancient Sumerian myth, writtten and retold by Titanya. Originally found on clay tablets, it is one of the oldest stories known to man. Inanna, Goddess of Love and War, descends to the Underworld to meet her dark sister, Erishkigal. On the way, she meets a slew of strange characters such as an Arab nightclub singer, the man of her dreams, and a holy fly. Mid-East dance with mask, sword, and the dance of the seven veils

Titanya as Inanna in Boulder Production


Titanya as Inanna


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  • Tales of the legendary Goddesses are interpreted through movement and storytelling in this popular multi-cultural performance spectacle. Usually performanced by more than thirty of the regions finest performers and dancers.  This was a very successful annual event in Boulder, Colorado, but can be done anywhere.

The Goddess Dances Program in Boulder
Norma as the Goddess Isis





CLICK HERE: Watch Titanya in Rock, Roll & Bellydance Show

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  • Experience the magic of an all star line-up, while they strut their stuff to the classics of Rock’n Roll plus a few traditional favorites. This was a very successful and fun show in Colorado, but it can be performed anywhere,

Boulder, Colorado performers