Titanya's Dance Troupe

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This was my beloved Bellydancing troupe, Bedouin Moon Dance theatre, in Boulder, Colorado.  We danced at all sorts of events from my own performances to city events from 1997- 2004.  I miss you all! I hope to return to Colorado soon to continue to share everything I know with ya and make some beautiful rhythms together again!!!

I turned my One-Woman show of Scheherazade
into a 35 member cast. 
 I turned my dancers into actresses!
It was always a sold out show.

Our Rock, Roll and Bellydance show was a big hit!!!

Egyptian Mummies arise from the tomb on Halloween.

We danced for a the Indian Festival of Deepavali....a candle dance.

Me, Cassie and Kathleen dance a sword dance, that ended up being choreographed for Kathleen's wedding.

Practicing and clowning around in Alta, at the Utah Bellydance festival and getting very lightheaded from the altitude!

Leah and Chun-ho dance the mysterious Mummy dance.

Bedouin Moon dancing in Salt Lake City's famous
Bellydance Festival, sponsored by Kismet.

Our little girl's...the Bedouin Moonbeams!